Jinxed ferret clothing pack 1

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5x clothing options for the Jinxed Ferret VRChat avatar! :D

- Hoodie
- Arm & leg warmers
- T-shirt
- Shorts
- Turtle neck sweater

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What this product contains:
- Blend file

- Knowledge of how to use the FBX / Blend file - if you are adding this clothing to your avatar for VRChat there are many tutorials online that explain how you can do this - Please do not ask me how to do it ;w;

- Jinxed Ferret VRChat avatar - this is not necessary but these assets are made specifically for this avatar, you can always modify them to fit another avatar but they should not be re-distributed.

of Service:
By purchasing this prop you hereby agree to my terms of service which go as following:

You may:

- Use these assets on your avatar for your avatar
- Edit the assets for personal use
- Include it on public / cloneable versions of the avatar for VRChat
- Advertise / sell custom retextures of the assets

You may NOT:

- Use these assets for commercial purposes
- Claim credit for creation of the original assets
- Re-sell the assets or any of it's components
- Modify the assets to create an your own version for sale

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FBX, SPP and Blend files


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Jinxed ferret clothing pack 1

7 ratings
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