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Jinxed Kobold [VRChat Avatar]

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This VRChat ready avatar is my interpretation of a Kobold!

This avatar may receive updates

This avatar requires knowledge of Unity - Please do not contact me for help getting it into the game, please use tutorials which you can find on YouTube (There are many)

Want to try before you buy?
You can find this avatar at my booth in the FurHub VRChat world!

Favourite the avatar here to test it in game later!

What this product contains:

- Unity Package (Ready for VRChat export)
- PSD & SPP texture files
- Blend file

Avatar Features:

- VRChat (PC & Quest) ready avatar
- Fullbody compatible
- MMD compatible
- 5x Horn / Ear style options
- Chest / belly size toggle
- 7x MMD / Gesture expressions

- Unity 2019.4.31f1 - And understanding of how to use it (There are many tutorials which you can find on YouTube)

- VRChat SDK3.0

Contact / Follow me:

Terms of Service:
By purchasing this avatar you hereby agree to my terms of service which go as following:

You may:

- Use this avatar for VRChat
- Edit the avatar for personal use
- Make public / clonable versions of the avatar for VRChat
- Advertise / sell custom retextures of the avatar providing that the retexturere and recipient have both purchased the avatar
- Create and sell accessories, clothing & props for the avatar provided that it doesn't include any of the original avatar files
- Create artwork, designs etc inspired by the avatar

You may NOT:

- Use this avatar for commercial purposes
- Claim credit for creation of the original avatar
- Share any of the files of this avatar with others unless all parties have legally purchased the avatar prior
- Share your license key with others
- Re-sell the avatar or any of it's components
- Modify the avatar to create an your own version for sale - you can create your own variant but it should not be sold / used for profit

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Unity Package, PSD, SPP, Blend & FBX files

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Jinxed Kobold [VRChat Avatar]

51 ratings
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